After beginning this post, I had an experience that floored me. And yet, the title of the post still stands. This experience is something I immediately wanted to post about.

There’s a guy I’ve been working with for the past 7 or 8 yrs. I have to admit, I don’t care for him, and on multiple occasions I’ve been quite difficult with him. Whether that difficulty has been because I’ve felt the need to set boundaries or because I am feeling obstinate, well, the reasoning might change, but I was often aware that I was being difficult. Often, I was certain that he too was being deliberately difficult. So, my relationship with this person has been tenuous at best.

However, a few years back his wife had twins, and they were born very early. I don’t remember the stats, but early enough to be quite alarming. In empathy of such a difficult situation, I knit premie hats for them. While I was knitting, I was certain that those hats would be too small. No baby could ever be THAT small and survive. I gave him the hats, and he reported back that the little girl’s head was far too small for the hat at that point. That tiny little hat was just too big.

Fast forward a couple years, the kids are growing up and doing well and thriving despite their early start. And it is now time for him to move on, so they are packing up all their stuff. He’s revolving out of this work and on to something new. Today he came in, itty bitty premie hat in hand, sat down, and said “We were packing stuff last night and we came across this. I just wanted to bring it in to show you. Do you remember this? Do you remember how tiny she was and how this hat was too big for her? Do you remember that time?” And I knew. I knew that this was his way of saying “I appreciate the care you showed me during that time. I appreciate that gift.” It broke my heart, in a good way.

There’s so much talk about selfish knitting, and knitting for only those who deserve it. And, I often agree with it. I am not going to go out and knit large items for people I barely know. But really, premie hats? It took me an evening to make them. But the gesture was so much bigger than my time spent on them, and so much more appreciated. It was so nice to have that come back to me in some way. It was nice to realize that.

OK-enough with the navel gazing. On to business.

My life has revolved around a couple things this week. Cleaning up from previous trips, prepping for the next, work, and plying. I feel like I’ve had very little time to devote to the plying, but still managed to fill a bobbin in two days, so there’s that.


This seems to be showing a lighter section of yarn, though there are some deeper areas buried underneath that top layer. I can’t wait to get it off the bobbin and finish it. However, I know that I’ve got another bobbin full of singles sitting around, so it may be awhile.

It is nice to feel like I can spin again. I was so involved in knitting there for awhile, that spinning just didn’t get done. I’ve got at least 3 other yarns to ply after this is done, which means I’ll actually have spinning content if I just get down to business.

Have a lovely weekend all!