You know, the spinning of a full 8 oz is a long process, and sometimes it really wears me down. However, once I finish it, the really large skein of resulting yarn pleases me so very much!

I finished my 8 oz. of Crown Mountain Farms superwash merino in Sultans of Swing colorway. It took quite awhile to 3 ply it all, but the resulting yarn is pretty stunning.

890 yards of 3 ply laceweight yarn.

While I am not really into the idea of deciding what a handspun yarn will become before finishing, or even after, I do think this, paired with a plain brown laceweight, would make a fabulous striped sweater.

Finishing this one has made me eager to continue to finish. I’ve had a few sets of singles hanging around not done for quite some time, so I am determined to work on those and get them off my dresser in their holding pattern.