The Weekend Progress

I picked up Bug from camp this morning, and she heads back tomorrow. Of course, that means that we’ve got about 24 hours for the insanity of washing all clothing and bedding, just to repack it all for tomorrow. And, this means that Miss Bug must catch up on her chores and work on her room. Thankfully, we seem to be doing pretty well. Unfortunately, this has left very little time for spinning.

However, I did have a brief half hour to spin on the porch with my coffee this morning. So, I’ve got a progress picture. Hopefully I’ll have more spinning time tomorrow. And, maybe I can finish the first half of this current project.


More Dropping Stitches

I loved my first drop stitch scarf SO MUCH! It was gorgeous, and a fun knit, so I cast on another, out of handspun inglenook batts. The handspun yarn is a 2 ply gradient. Some of the color transitions were very gentle, others a little abrupt. However, the scarf is beautiful and soft and lovely, and has the characteristics of the batt it was made from. So it’s all good!

20140625-163215-59535372.jpg  20140625-163217-59537378.jpg


Speaking of color, my moss roses from last year reseeded in my garden. Last year we had orange and pink. So it was a great surprise that when they came in this year, we had all of the colors!


It’s the time of the year here when the garden grows like gangbusters and that’s a fun time for me. I’ve got tomatoes coming in, and it turns out, a reseeded tomato plant too. It just came up! I’ve got tiny eggplants that I need to get a picture of, and my herbs are amazing and beautiful. The one thing disappointing is that one of our storms took out the majority of my cayenne pepper plant. The cayenne pepper plants are my favorite every year, so it was very sad to see it cut so far back, and I am going to have to wait a lot longer for my peppers. I miss them!

Hawser knit

Once I had my hawser ply skein of yarn, I’d run my hands through it and be so impressed with how a balanced yarn could have so much energy running through it. The yarn just felt alive, totally different from my regular yarns. So fun, and it just called out to me to be knit with. I couldn’t help myself, I balled it up right away.

Of course, in ball form, all the energy is subdued and it no longer felt all that impressive. Very disappointing. However, I’d already committed to knitting a cowl with it, so I cast on.

Yesterday I didn’t expect to have much in the way of crafting time. I was headed out to watch Mr. Ink and his buddy bowl in their league. I’ve done so a couple times, but never stayed through the entire thing. Thankfully I had my just cast on project in the car, as Mr. Ink said “This can get boring, I really do hope you brought something to do!” So I knit while they bowled, and I got an amazing amount done.


As it turns out, the yarn has a ton of energy when knit as well, it feels like the trapped energy has the stitches looking really popped and nicely defined. Very interesting. I can’t wait to continue!

Of course, now I want to make my cabled yarn, and knit it into something similar to see how they compare.

Beaded Chain Ply beginnings

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve chosen my next fiber and project from A Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs. I focused on a beaded chain ply. I split the fiber in half, assuming that it would be easier to handle that way, but there’s no telling, I might need to split it more once I get started on the chain plying. For now, this seems like a good start.


After a somewhat crappy day at work yesterday, I left work only to realize that the day was glorious! Not as humid, significantly cooler, and sunny. So, I grabbed my wheel and a glass of wine and did a bunch of spinning on the lawn. The above picture was where I started, and I worked all the way back across the bobbin through two more colors. After that, I decided to head inside and be a bit more productive, before Mr. Ink made me dinner. Spoiled, I am.

I also managed to finish my latest drop stitch scarf, which should be appearing on the blog once it is washed and blocked, and I wound the hawser ply yarn because I just cannot wait to play with it! Exciting summer crafting days!


Hawser Ply

I am done! Done done done! And I think it went pretty well overall. 8 oz of The Dyeing Arts superwash merino duos in Goblin Seas. I ended up with 360 yards of hawser 4 ply yarn.


I washed it and finished it yesterday, and then hung it out to dry. I couldn’t stop going outside to look at it, so bouncy and beautiful was this skein of amazing and unusual yarn.


I’d call it a smashing success.

In fact, I am almost done knitting the second drop stitch scarf, and I am fairly certain this yarn is going on the needles next. I’ve managed to even find a fabulous cowl pattern for it.

This whole expanding my spinning horizons really seems to be working for me!


Changing it up

I finished my hawser ply yarn yesterday, but didn’t get an opportunity to skein it before my evening activities. So, I didn’t get a chance to skein and wash it until this morning. Which means it is FAR too wet to show off.

I then decided to attempt spinning some of my cotton on my wheel, but that quickly bored me. I needed something else.

So, I pulled out my Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs and did a little searching for my next broadening the horizons endeavor. I marked a few possibilities, and then went stash diving.

Into my BEADS! Yes, the next wheel spin I do is going to involve beads.


The fiber is rambouillet from Spun Right Round fiber club. For this one, I’ll be spinning a single, stringing the beads on it, then chain plying, and adding a bead to the chain bump as I go.

I also dove into my fiber stash as well, looking for the fiber for the beads, and I also pulled out a few things that I intend to work on during Tour de Fleece. I’ll be spinning on the Dyeabolical team, and thus will be making sure to use some of my dyeabolical fiber. I’ve got 8 oz. of a pink, and am thinking of making a cable yarn out of it. Should be enjoyable.

A Day of Rest

Well, not precisely. But, a day of being in my own space, quietly, no matter how busy it got. So, it is restful.

My plan was to get up fairly early and mow, then do yard work, while the weather was still cool and comfortable. But, we got a major surprise storm that just sort of sat over our area most of the night, causing massive amounts of water in basements and some flooding in various areas. The rain was intense! I had to run to my car in it when it began, and I ended up looking like I’d just jumped into a pool. I wasn’t even out in it 30 seconds.

Needless to say, it was still far too wet this morning to consider mowing. Instead, I decided to tackle the yard work. I had some vines growing, and Mr. Ink was concerned one of them might be poison ivy. He’s highly allergic, and I’ve never had it. So, I yanked those out. Then I proceeded to yank out all sorts of weeds and grasses in my garden, and some junk trees trying to take hold around the yard. It was the perfect day for it, the ground being so saturated that those junk trees came out roots and all (and I measured, some of the roots were 3 feet long!

But, because I didn’t have to mow, I had extra spinning time! And since it was still cool and comfortable, I could do that spinning on the porch. So I pulled out the hawser ply project. When I’d left it, I was working on the final 2 oz. of a total of 8 oz. I had to finish that, then ply 4 of the oz. together.


Since this plying was in the same direction as I spun the singles, they are all squirrely and difficult to control. But, then, I ply both those two plies together in the other direction to create the hawser ply yarn. Do you want a sneak peak? Because I’ve gotten one bobbin finished.


Of course it still needs to be washed and set, but I won’t be bothering with that until I am done plying. Hopefully tomorrow. My observations thus far? It’s amazing to me that a 4 ply can so closely resemble a 2 ply. The 2 plies are so comfortably meshed that they resemble just one ply. Of course, this could all change during a washing, so I’ll wait to see how it all shakes out.

But, I must say, it’s pretty exciting! I am loving trying something new. It inspires me to continue to along these lines for added inspiration.



While it remains true I haven’t had a lot of crafting time, I totally forgot how close I was to finishing my Lintilla shawl. I started it at the beginning of may because I knew it would be a great project to bring on our Utah trip. While I didn’t get much done during the trip, I brought it to work after that, and have been plugging away at it ever since.

I used my 3 ply laceweight Julie Spins Polaris. I had 685 yards, and I’d say I easily used 650 of it. As usual, the lintilla knit was an absolute pleasure all the way through. And also a fabulous choice for the polaris colorway.


Spinning Cotton

Awhile back I won a hipstrings spindle and some cotton. It was quite a surprise! And a lovely one at that. While I’ve been using the spindle quite a bit, in fact, it’s turned into one of my favorites, I’ve not been using it to spin cotton. Until now.

I decided that since sometimes lately spinning feels “old” to me, or at least doing the same type of spinning over and over seems stale, I need to expand. Of course, the hawser ply project is part of this, but I wanted something that wasn’t wheel spun as well, since sometimes I just want to kick back with my feet up and spin.


I know, I know. What is on the spindle isn’t much. However, my inexperience with cotton has me spinning quite slowly. I decided right off the bat I am ok with slubby, as cotton tends to be. However, even with the amount on there, I can already see it evening out into a better yarn.

Of course, last night, there was no crafting time, none tonight, and none tomorrow night. So, sadly, the blog may be a bit sparse until I have some crafting time this weekend.

Drop More Stitches!

You may be wondering where my hawser ply updates are, if you are one to follow the blog. Well, I’ll tell you. I went in to employee health for my annual TB test. I left with the TB test, a blood draw to confirm that I’ve had chicken pox, and a tetanus shot. Once they get you in there, it’s pretty hard to get back out. The next morning I woke up with major joint pain. My entire body hurt. I couldn’t figure it out, until I looked at the reactions list. It seems perhaps I could be having a bit of a reaction to the tetanus shot. That being said, I was glad to get it, given my wool processing proclivities. In any case, between the soreness and the exhaustion from all the travel we’ve done recently, I’ve been pretty unmotivated about crafting time. I’ll get a tiny bit done, but not much. I am more likely to be laying around reading or sleeping in my spare time. So, the hawser ply is on the back burner. I hope to feel more up to it this weekend.

Instead, I can show you the next drop stitch scarf. I spun up a gorgeous inglenook batt last year.

20130503-150442.jpg 20130523-073634.jpg 20130527-132646.jpg

It’s a 2 ply gradient, and has just over 200 yards to it. I figured I’d try a drop stitch scarf with this yarn as well.


You can just begin to see the colors changing, but I see serious orange in my ball of yarn to be knit now, so I am pretty sure I am going to be enjoying a major switch soon.

I’ve also been doing some cotton spinning. Just the tiniest bit in my spare time. I’ll try to show that off a bit tomorrow. It’s completely new to me, but I am enjoying it quite a bit.


The Weekend

We were out of town this weekend for our annual camping and tubing trip. This is Bug and my second trip, and Mr. Ink and his daughter’s first trip. It was, sadly, extremely cold, rainy, stormy, and did I mention cold? However, it was still a great time. We’ve become rather successful campers, though always room for improvement. It is so much easier to camp with two other adults in the group. I’ve always considered camping to be really hard work, still do! But, when the work is split up a bit, it is mentally more manageable.

The tubing was not nearly as enjoyable as last year, because the area has gotten as much rain in a month as they expect to get all year. The river was really high, 2 or 3 feet higher than normal. So the trip was fast. As an example, last year we got on the river at 11:30 and were done after 6. This year, we got on the river at the same time, but were back by 2:30. There was no leisurely floating, no long stops to explore, and a lot of scary moments due to not being able to stop the tubes from crashing into obstacles and dumping us over. This caused me to lose the entire contents of my cooler at one point, when we ran over a floating log. It then proceded to attempt to impale a number of people as we quickly tried to maneuver our tubes over it. Or, moments when we tried to launch the tubes around a hanging log, but unable to do so, got flipped off the tubes, shoved under the water, under the log, only to find the tubes far away down the river. Not an easy day. And it was cold, did I mention the cold?

However, our last day there gave us beautiful weather, and so we packed up, headed on our drive home, and decided to picnic on the way home since we had just enough food left in the coolers to do that. We decided to picnic at a lake about 2 hours from home. I was driving, and Mr. Ink grabbed my phone, found the lake, and decided on a route he called a short cut. We started out on gravel roads that quickly turned into dirt roads. I hit a patch of soft mud, and was surprised. Mr. Ink said “That’s mud! And down there, more mud!” He slammed the truck into 4 wheel drive, which engaged just as I hit the mud, but it was too late for this inexperienced driver to get through it. The truck slid sideways, I managed to get it to a stop before heading into the ditch, and then yelled “I CAN’T DO THIS! NO NO NO!” and tried immediately to get OUT of the truck. Mr. Ink grabs me before I get out of the truck, saying “You can’t get out of the truck!” and I look at where I was about to step. I’d have been up to my knees in mud. We switch places in the cab of the truck, and after a lot of maneuvering, Mr. Ink manages to get the truck out of that patch of mud. And we continue on, only to find quite a bit more mud, and a bunch of deep standing water. Mr. Ink manages all this fine, though there was quite a bit of slipping and sliding. The girls were both in the back laughing and screaming and loving every minute of it. We picnicked, and Bug said “Let’s do it again!” She’d decided this was the highlight of her weekend. While Mr. Ink and I discussed it, and decided we were pushing our luck, trying to go through the mess again, we ended up a bit lost, and we did take that road a second time. By the time we were done with that adventure, the truck looked like this:


It must have all exhausted Miss Bug terribly. Probably the whole weekend did. Because, right before we got home, I noticed she’d passed out in the back seat. This never happens!


She slept through getting home, and stayed asleep in the truck for awhile while we unpacked it. It was rather nice to be able to unpack in the quiet, knowing that she was getting some rest and wouldn’t be too exhausted to deal with the remainder of the day.

While on this trip, I managed to finish the scarf I’d been knitting out of Marja’s handspun yarn. It really is gorgeous and the pattern shows off the colors so well!

20140617-084821-31701876.jpg  20140617-084823-31703373.jpg


I used up the yarn, and the scarf is on the shorter more decorative side, but it sure is gorgeous! I love the way the stitch pattern makes the stripes look wavy. I did, quite frankly, start another immediately out of my own handspun. It was a very fun knit, and no purling required so it was fast!


Drop Stitch Scarf

As I mentioned the other day, I have some handspun of Marja’s to knit into a scarf. I started it last evening, mostly so that I could show her what it was going to look like. The pattern is quite addictive, and knits up very quickly. So, not only am I bound to have a beautiful project, but it will probably feel quite quick and satisfying to have a finished object.


It’s a fabulous way to show off handspun yarn for sure. I think it will look even more fantastic and professional when it is blocked. It is so beautiful that I may have to see if I’ve got appropriate handspun for one for me.

It was a beautiful night last night, and so I spent it in my yard as I generally do when the weather cooperates. I pulled out my knitting and my spinning, had a couple friends over, and a good time was had by all. Before anyone arrived, I’d made my dinner, snapped a photo, and thought “this is the life!”


The evening gave me the opportunity to finish up the first part of the second set of Hawser singles and start the final part. Quite productive. However, it’s a busy weekend, so no more productivity for me until next week! Enjoy your weekend all!

Hawser Ply Part 3

I finished plying the first 4 oz of singles for my Hawser ply. Again, these are Z twist singles plied with a Z twist, so they look a little funny.


I do think you can get a pretty good idea about the colors though. I love them. I had been so reluctant to ply this as a duo, but in the end, I think it is fantastic. Another odd thing happened, I had the most even singles I think I’ve ever spun, as I had just a tiny bit left of the second 2 oz.


That’s it! I did, of course, add it right into the plying bobbin because you know I cannot waste yarn. It’s not possible.

I’ve had a very rough couple days at work. Not that they were intentionally busy, but between dealing with people who are difficult by their very nature, and a little helpless, paired with a time that just seems busy in general, it has felt overwhelming. So, my goal last evening was to finish the plying, start the second set of singles, and drink beer outdoors. It was a lovely evening, not hot. I did a few other things like weeding the garden, and making dinner, but for the most part I was outdoors enjoying the fresh air, the solitude, and the crafting time.


By the time my evening was done, I had more than half of the 2 oz of predominately blue singles completed. I’ll be able to finish this tonight and hopefully start on the final set of singles. Then maybe next week I’ll actually have a Hawser Ply yarn.

Something New

I am almost done with the first bobbin of twisty squirrely 2 ply for my Hawser Ply project. But, not completely done. Hopefully I’ll have a picture tomorrow. It’s been interesting, and fun so far.

In the meantime, it is time for me to start a new project. I know I’ve mentioned her a number of times before, but as a reiteration, my friend Marja is a spinner. She is not a knitter. She doesn’t knit at all, but I taught her how to spin on spindles because I thought she’d love it. And she does. She is also now the proud owner of a wheel and has been spinning for more than a year. It is amazing to me how much yarn a person who does not knit can produce in spinning. Meaning, ALL her craft time is devoted solely to spinning, which means she produces tons of yarn. That she, have I mentioned it? Does Not Knit.

Which means it is time for me to start knitting her yarn. She’s an insanely helpful person in general, but specifically, she watched Miss Bug while I was in Utah. And I am hoping to return the favor by knitting some of her yarn into finished objects that she can wear or give away.

I am starting with some yarn that she has identified as being the preferred colors of a person in her life, and she wants a scarf to give away. I am eager to have a new project. While I should have taken a picture in skein form, I forgot. So, now I’ve got 3 balls of yarn to show off, and they are indeed gorgeous!


I can’t wait to get started!

In other news, it was just over a year ago when I was headed out on a camping trip with Miss Bug, all stressed out because I don’t camp. I felt entirely out of my element and while I knew I’d get through it, I also knew it might be really hard work. I’ve camped as an adult, but just not in a form that was particularly difficult. For instance, I camped on RAGBRAI, but I didn’t have to carry stuff with me and cook meals over an open fire. I just slept in a tent. The setting up of the tent, the using it, and the breaking it back down was the full extent of my adult camping experience.

Well, I took Bug on that weekend trip, and while it was difficult, we had a good time. And, I’ve camped quite a bit since then, in various capacities. I’ve finally decided it is time to get my own tent. This camping thing has decided to stick. I enjoy it too much to stop.

We set up our new tent for the first time last evening. It is huge. It is awesome. We are happy.

20140610-083127-30687227.jpg 20140610-083123-30683983.jpg 20140610-083125-30685516.jpg

Heh, I was going to end the blog post here, but just noticed how large Miss Bug’s hands look in the middle picture there. Someone is growing up quite quickly.


Hawser Ply, Part 2

I finished spinning a set of singles yesterday, 4 oz. total, so this morning I woke up early and began the first plying step. If you have been following along, you’ll realize that I spun the singles with Z twist, and will now ply them, also with Z twist. Going against every thing I’ve ever learned about plying thus far, and making them really insanely twisty and squirrely.

Yesterday I was struggling with staying on task. I liked the second part of the duo so much, that I just wanted to do my “normal” type of yarn and ply it with the matching duo from the second bump. Not only did I not want to make a hawser yarn anymore, I didn’t even want to make a duo anymore.

But, I forced myself to stay out of my comfort zone. And I began to ply. And quite frankly, I am so happy with the results that I am glad I did it this way, and very eager to see the final yarn since the colors will blend even more.


It’s funny, because I took this picture quickly, then I continued plying, and was tempted to take yet another picture because the colors I’d worked my way into next were equally intriguing, and I thought I should show them off again. But, I refrained. There’s only so many pictures of squirrely yarn one can take.

I finished my singles in part due to a fabulous day absolutely FULL of spinning. I spent time with a group of women I love, and some I didn’t know yet. Just sitting on the porch and spinning, and eating great homemade food. My personal contribution was sugar cookie bars which were absolutely delectable. I couldn’t get over how good they were. (though with a pound and a half of butter, how could you go wrong?!) I used this recipe. I’ve got enough sugar cookie bars left over to live off for a week. However, Miss Bug took my sugar cookie bars and made them even better by adding fruit.


Which I thought was pretty cute.

I even got started on the singles for the second half yesterday, which was farther than I imagined I’d be on this project when the weekend was complete.



Yesterday was quite cool, weather wise, for this time of year here. I couldn’t help but spend a good portion of my day on the porch spinning, while it rained. This gave me the opportunity to finish the first two ounces of the duos I am working on for my hawser ply and start the second two ounces. Here’s where I am as of this morning.


This is where things get difficult for me. I mean, all in all, I’ve got 4 oz. of each duo, and I really like them! I’ve spun them nice and evenly, and the temptation as of right now is to just ply them together, as I would normally do, and have two very nice looking yarns. Apparently it’s a leap of faith to ply them as duos AND to try a hawser ply. The familiar is almost always a temptation, but that won’t gain me anything but one more nice yarn I probably won’t use for years. S

So, I am determined to do better. To do different. To try the new.

Thankfully, as it is another curiously cool morning today, I got my yard work done and can now spend the remainder of today spinning as well. Hopefully I’ll be into my third bobbin by the time the day is done.


A Break

Today you get a break from all the spinning. Mostly because my bobbin doesn’t look all that different from yesterday. I’ve spun, but I am not done with the first two ounces yet, and it’s a bit pointless to show you yet another bobbin picture at this time. Maybe tomorrow.

But, there is a project I haven’t shown in awhile. I’ve been working on my Lintilla Shawlette since prior to our Utah trip. It’s gotten a lot of knitting time in since then, and I am currently working my last repeat before the ruffled edging. This shawl is such a fun knit. Simple to memorize, simple to knit, and really looks fantastic in handspun.


The yarn I am using is a 3 ply I spun on my spindles and plied on my wheel. It is Julie Spins merino/silk blend. Such a rich and beautiful colorway.

It’s been raining almost every day out here, with some of the days being more severe storms. We had planned to ride bikes on Thursday evening, only to drive off toward our starting place and see that there were more severe storms rolling in. We ended up driving around the block, parking the car, and getting back inside with not even enough time to get our bikes off the car and car in the garage. We then sat on the porch and watched as it hailed and hailed, then rained and hailed, and then just downpoured. During this, the dog was watching from the porch as well. He tends to get a bit distressed during storms, so much to our surprise, he decided to take off into the storm, while it was pouring buckets, and try to cross the “river” that was forming at the end of the driveway. I am afraid rather than running out to rescue him, we sat on the porch and laughed at him and took pictures.


Pretty bold move for a small and anxious dog!

Time to stop blogging and start spinning. Have a fabulous weekend my friends!

Hawser Endeavor Part 1

My second project attempt from Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs has begun. I’ve decided on a Hawser ply, which is basically the plying used for rope. While I don’t want my yarn to be rope like, apparently you can use this method to get an extremely bouncy yarn, and I am excited to give it a try.

I’ve chosen to use 8 oz. of wool I’ve had in stash for a long time. The wool is The Dyeing Arts, colorway Goblin Seas. These are duos, so I get two tops in each, in coordinating colors. These are superwash wool.

20140606-133549-48949728.jpg 20140606-133548-48948245.jpg

For this, I’ll need a total of 4 singles with Z twist. Then, I’ll ply those 4 singles into two 2-ply yarns, also with Z twist. That’s where things get a little out of hand. That’s a lot of twist to have hanging about in the yarn. Then I ply the two 2-ply yarns together with an S twist. Ideally, that’s when everything starts to look really cool.

So, I am starting on my first single. 2 oz, and it is spinning up quite beautifully. I started it Wednesday night, worked on it a bit after work yesterday, and will put in a bit of time on it today. Once I get two singles done, I’ll ply them before starting the next two, as to save bobbin space.


I do plan to keep the blog updated with progress on this one, since it’s rather interesting to me and I’d like to document the process. What about you? Is there anything that you are just inspired to learn, any plans for Tour de Fleece? Anything you’ve recently tried for the first time?

Expanding horizons

I’ve decided that while my spinning mojo is strong, it is time to expand my horizons. I pulled out my The Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs, looked through it, and identified a few yarns I’d like to try. I am hoping, in the upcoming months, to work through them.

I started with my braid of Color Bot from Spun Right Round fiber club. I posted about this two days ago. I made a slub yarn with the intention to ply it with metallic thread. After spinning it, Bug and I headed to the store to get the thread and I looked up the method of plying I was going to use.

The technique in the book is called Spiral Yarn. The idea being that you ply with one ply having a good deal more tension than the other. In this case, the metallic thread had the tension, and I had very little tension on the slub singles.  I have 285 yards of this yarn.


The problem I encountered with this method and the metallic thread is that the thread is too slippery. Which makes the slub yarn move about on the thread. So, it ends up being a rather delicate yarn. I don’t think I’ll be trying this again, but it is a rather interesting looking yarn. And I am glad I tried it. I think using a thin handspun wool would work as it would be more grabby and stick to the slub wool.

In the past, when I’ve made slub yarn singles, I’ve had trouble with the slubs flattening out after washing and finishing the yarn. But, a friend of mine told me that this is due to the handling of it after it is immersed in the water. She said I should use a salad spinner instead, and I did. It worked so well! The trick is not to criticize the yarn before it is dry. It fluffs up so nicely when just left alone.

I also used a tip in the book, which was to shock the yarn as a finishing technique, to get it to felt up a bit to hold together nicely. The idea was to set it in hot water initially, let it get completely wet, and then plunge it into cold water to shock it. I did that. It is supposed to take away the need to felt it using agitation, since the slubs are a bit delicate. However, I am not sure how this went, I can’t really tell if it felted down or not, I’ve nothing to compare it to.

Anyhow, interesting experiment, I won’t do it this particular way again, but I am glad I gave it a try. As soon as I was done with this project, I pulled out 8 oz. of wool in order to start a Hawser plied yarn. Can’t wait to tell you more, this should be fun!


More than 24 hours

I started plying on Sunday evening during a storm. I did not go to work on Monday. In fact, beyond cleaning the house and hanging with Miss Bug, I didn’t do much else beyond plying. I finished up late Monday night. That’s more than 24 hours of plying, excepting sleep time, eating time, and a few breaks for cleaning. I am afraid that may have made me less than thrilled with the resulting yarn, despite its beauty and my anticipation of amazing yarn. Seriously. It was Too Much. In fact, I was kind of happy it wasn’t dry yesterday so I didn’t have to figure out yardage and take photos. It seriously needed a day of rest. Or I did.


I brought it outside this morning, after some pretty serious storms in our area, and grabbed a photo quickly. It’s going to be a very long time before I do another laceweight two ply, so enjoy it now! A grand total of 915 yards.


Not Dry Yet!

I slogged through the wool/silk laceweight two ply all day yesterday, with breaks for working on my house. It took until 9 p.m. It was a long slog, but I got through it. However, this morning the yarn was not dry so I was not able to take a picture.

I promised myself to do something a little out of character for me next, so I pulled out my March fiber club from Spun Right Round. This is Color Bot, in polwarth.


I decided on a rhythmic thick and thin yarn, using the techniques learned at the Taos Wool festival last year. It did take me awhile to get back into the swing of it, even though it felt simple while I was in the class in Taos. It’s been awhile! That being said, this is certainly an immediate gratification project as it spins up in no time flat.


I intend to get some thread to ply this with, as I’ve wanted to do that for awhile now too. Then I’ll have a nice crazy yarn to play with.

A quiet day

I’ve decided to take a couple days off and spend some quality time with Miss Bug before the insanity of the summer begins. She’s already done with school, but she leaves for a good portion of the summer, and if that doesn’t leave her lonely, it does leave me lonely! Even though it is a pleasant break where I get to do all the lovely activities all week long that I would choose to do if I were someone without a kid. Namely, biking like, almost every day.

Anyhow, we have big plans! Our plans are to clean up the house, but to spend our mornings sitting on the porch before the day gets hot. I spin, she plays.

Last evening we had a storm roll through. While the storm was coming in, I enjoyed a beer on the porch, watching it arrive. This is one of my favorite activities this time of year. I also love watching everyone still driving rush around madly trying to get home or to their destination. Once indoors, I spun. And I finished the singles for the sanguine gryphon wool/silk top I’ve been working on all this time.


So I began to ply. This morning we got up, had breakfast, did a little clean up, and I then continue to ply with my trusty cup of coffee by my side.


This is a 2 ply laceweight, and so it may take a long time to finish. But, the act of plying is quite pleasant on a day such as today.

On Track

I am on track and in keeping with my desire to finish my spinning projects before starting new ones. My current project is a wool/silk blend from a very early Sanguine Gryphon update on Loopy Ewe. So many years ago now! I’ve been spinning it thin on my spindles in order to make a 2 or 3 ply. But, since I am now doing a bunch of spinning on my porch now, I decided to use my wheel as well. It does seem to go quickly that way. I’ve been making decent progress and am hoping to be done in a few days.


The weather here has finally gotten into early summer temps, which makes sitting on the porch fabulous in the mornings. We’ve been traveling so much that I decided to take a few days off this upcoming week to get my house back in order and to relax and do stuff like spinning on the porch in the mornings with a cup of coffee.

We’ve certainly made the most out of this weekend as well, with bike rides, really amazing food, and homemade pecan sticky buns this morning! It’s a bit like we are trying to immerse ourselves in our favorite parts of home life after so much travel.