On Track

I am on track and in keeping with my desire to finish my spinning projects before starting new ones. My current project is a wool/silk blend from a very early Sanguine Gryphon update on Loopy Ewe. So many years ago now! I’ve been spinning it thin on my spindles in order to make a 2 or 3 ply. But, since I am now doing a bunch of spinning on my porch now, I decided to use my wheel as well. It does seem to go quickly that way. I’ve been making decent progress and am hoping to be done in a few days.


The weather here has finally gotten into early summer temps, which makes sitting on the porch fabulous in the mornings. We’ve been traveling so much that I decided to take a few days off this upcoming week to get my house back in order and to relax and do stuff like spinning on the porch in the mornings with a cup of coffee.

We’ve certainly made the most out of this weekend as well, with bike rides, really amazing food, and homemade pecan sticky buns this morning! It’s a bit like we are trying to immerse ourselves in our favorite parts of home life after so much travel.


2 thoughts on “On Track

    • It’s so nice right?! There’s just nothing more relaxing to me than a good porch spin. Sometimes with nature and the sounds of the neighborhood, sometimes with a little Pandora, sometimes with a podcast or an audio book, sometimes with wine and friends. You just can’t beat it!

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