A quiet day

I’ve decided to take a couple days off and spend some quality time with Miss Bug before the insanity of the summer begins. She’s already done with school, but she leaves for a good portion of the summer, and if that doesn’t leave her lonely, it does leave me lonely! Even though it is a pleasant break where I get to do all the lovely activities all week long that I would choose to do if I were someone without a kid. Namely, biking like, almost every day.

Anyhow, we have big plans! Our plans are to clean up the house, but to spend our mornings sitting on the porch before the day gets hot. I spin, she plays.

Last evening we had a storm roll through. While the storm was coming in, I enjoyed a beer on the porch, watching it arrive. This is one of my favorite activities this time of year. I also love watching everyone still driving rush around madly trying to get home or to their destination. Once indoors, I spun. And I finished the singles for the sanguine gryphon wool/silk top I’ve been working on all this time.


So I began to ply. This morning we got up, had breakfast, did a little clean up, and I then continue to ply with my trusty cup of coffee by my side.


This is a 2 ply laceweight, and so it may take a long time to finish. But, the act of plying is quite pleasant on a day such as today.

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