A Break

Today you get a break from all the spinning. Mostly because my bobbin doesn’t look all that different from yesterday. I’ve spun, but I am not done with the first two ounces yet, and it’s a bit pointless to show you yet another bobbin picture at this time. Maybe tomorrow.

But, there is a project I haven’t shown in awhile. I’ve been working on my Lintilla Shawlette since prior to our Utah trip. It’s gotten a lot of knitting time in since then, and I am currently working my last repeat before the ruffled edging. This shawl is such a fun knit. Simple to memorize, simple to knit, and really looks fantastic in handspun.


The yarn I am using is a 3 ply I spun on my spindles and plied on my wheel. It is Julie Spins merino/silk blend. Such a rich and beautiful colorway.

It’s been raining almost every day out here, with some of the days being more severe storms. We had planned to ride bikes on Thursday evening, only to drive off toward our starting place and see that there were more severe storms rolling in. We ended up driving around the block, parking the car, and getting back inside with not even enough time to get our bikes off the car and car in the garage. We then sat on the porch and watched as it hailed and hailed, then rained and hailed, and then just downpoured. During this, the dog was watching from the porch as well. He tends to get a bit distressed during storms, so much to our surprise, he decided to take off into the storm, while it was pouring buckets, and try to cross the “river” that was forming at the end of the driveway. I am afraid rather than running out to rescue him, we sat on the porch and laughed at him and took pictures.


Pretty bold move for a small and anxious dog!

Time to stop blogging and start spinning. Have a fabulous weekend my friends!

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