Yesterday was quite cool, weather wise, for this time of year here. I couldn’t help but spend a good portion of my day on the porch spinning, while it rained. This gave me the opportunity to finish the first two ounces of the duos I am working on for my hawser ply and start the second two ounces. Here’s where I am as of this morning.


This is where things get difficult for me. I mean, all in all, I’ve got 4 oz. of each duo, and I really like them! I’ve spun them nice and evenly, and the temptation as of right now is to just ply them together, as I would normally do, and have two very nice looking yarns. Apparently it’s a leap of faith to ply them as duos AND to try a hawser ply. The familiar is almost always a temptation, but that won’t gain me anything but one more nice yarn I probably won’t use for years. S

So, I am determined to do better. To do different. To try the new.

Thankfully, as it is another curiously cool morning today, I got my yard work done and can now spend the remainder of today spinning as well. Hopefully I’ll be into my third bobbin by the time the day is done.


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