Hawser Ply, Part 2

I finished spinning a set of singles yesterday, 4 oz. total, so this morning I woke up early and began the first plying step. If you have been following along, you’ll realize that I spun the singles with Z twist, and will now ply them, also with Z twist. Going against every thing I’ve ever learned about plying thus far, and making them really insanely twisty and squirrely.

Yesterday I was struggling with staying on task. I liked the second part of the duo so much, that I just wanted to do my “normal” type of yarn and ply it with the matching duo from the second bump. Not only did I not want to make a hawser yarn anymore, I didn’t even want to make a duo anymore.

But, I forced myself to stay out of my comfort zone. And I began to ply. And quite frankly, I am so happy with the results that I am glad I did it this way, and very eager to see the final yarn since the colors will blend even more.


It’s funny, because I took this picture quickly, then I continued plying, and was tempted to take yet another picture because the colors I’d worked my way into next were equally intriguing, and I thought I should show them off again. But, I refrained. There’s only so many pictures of squirrely yarn one can take.

I finished my singles in part due to a fabulous day absolutely FULL of spinning. I spent time with a group of women I love, and some I didn’t know yet. Just sitting on the porch and spinning, and eating great homemade food. My personal contribution was sugar cookie bars which were absolutely delectable. I couldn’t get over how good they were. (though with a pound and a half of butter, how could you go wrong?!) I used this recipe. I’ve got enough sugar cookie bars left over to live off for a week. However, Miss Bug took my sugar cookie bars and made them even better by adding fruit.


Which I thought was pretty cute.

I even got started on the singles for the second half yesterday, which was farther than I imagined I’d be on this project when the weekend was complete.


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