Hawser Ply Part 3

I finished plying the first 4 oz of singles for my Hawser ply. Again, these are Z twist singles plied with a Z twist, so they look a little funny.


I do think you can get a pretty good idea about the colors though. I love them. I had been so reluctant to ply this as a duo, but in the end, I think it is fantastic. Another odd thing happened, I had the most even singles I think I’ve ever spun, as I had just a tiny bit left of the second 2 oz.


That’s it! I did, of course, add it right into the plying bobbin because you know I cannot waste yarn. It’s not possible.

I’ve had a very rough couple days at work. Not that they were intentionally busy, but between dealing with people who are difficult by their very nature, and a little helpless, paired with a time that just seems busy in general, it has felt overwhelming. So, my goal last evening was to finish the plying, start the second set of singles, and drink beer outdoors. It was a lovely evening, not hot. I did a few other things like weeding the garden, and making dinner, but for the most part I was outdoors enjoying the fresh air, the solitude, and the crafting time.


By the time my evening was done, I had more than half of the 2 oz of predominately blue singles completed. I’ll be able to finish this tonight and hopefully start on the final set of singles. Then maybe next week I’ll actually have a Hawser Ply yarn.

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