Drop Stitch Scarf

As I mentioned the other day, I have some handspun of Marja’s to knit into a scarf. I started it last evening, mostly so that I could show her what it was going to look like. The pattern is quite addictive, and knits up very quickly. So, not only am I bound to have a beautiful project, but it will probably feel quite quick and satisfying to have a finished object.


It’s a fabulous way to show off handspun yarn for sure. I think it will look even more fantastic and professional when it is blocked. It is so beautiful that I may have to see if I’ve got appropriate handspun for one for me.

It was a beautiful night last night, and so I spent it in my yard as I generally do when the weather cooperates. I pulled out my knitting and my spinning, had a couple friends over, and a good time was had by all. Before anyone arrived, I’d made my dinner, snapped a photo, and thought “this is the life!”


The evening gave me the opportunity to finish up the first part of the second set of Hawser singles and start the final part. Quite productive. However, it’s a busy weekend, so no more productivity for me until next week! Enjoy your weekend all!

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