The Weekend

We were out of town this weekend for our annual camping and tubing trip. This is Bug and my second trip, and Mr. Ink and his daughter’s first trip. It was, sadly, extremely cold, rainy, stormy, and did I mention cold? However, it was still a great time. We’ve become rather successful campers, though always room for improvement. It is so much easier to camp with two other adults in the group. I’ve always considered camping to be really hard work, still do! But, when the work is split up a bit, it is mentally more manageable.

The tubing was not nearly as enjoyable as last year, because the area has gotten as much rain in a month as they expect to get all year. The river was really high, 2 or 3 feet higher than normal. So the trip was fast. As an example, last year we got on the river at 11:30 and were done after 6. This year, we got on the river at the same time, but were back by 2:30. There was no leisurely floating, no long stops to explore, and a lot of scary moments due to not being able to stop the tubes from crashing into obstacles and dumping us over. This caused me to lose the entire contents of my cooler at one point, when we ran over a floating log. It then proceded to attempt to impale a number of people as we quickly tried to maneuver our tubes over it. Or, moments when we tried to launch the tubes around a hanging log, but unable to do so, got flipped off the tubes, shoved under the water, under the log, only to find the tubes far away down the river. Not an easy day. And it was cold, did I mention the cold?

However, our last day there gave us beautiful weather, and so we packed up, headed on our drive home, and decided to picnic on the way home since we had just enough food left in the coolers to do that. We decided to picnic at a lake about 2 hours from home. I was driving, and Mr. Ink grabbed my phone, found the lake, and decided on a route he called a short cut. We started out on gravel roads that quickly turned into dirt roads. I hit a patch of soft mud, and was surprised. Mr. Ink said “That’s mud! And down there, more mud!” He slammed the truck into 4 wheel drive, which engaged just as I hit the mud, but it was too late for this inexperienced driver to get through it. The truck slid sideways, I managed to get it to a stop before heading into the ditch, and then yelled “I CAN’T DO THIS! NO NO NO!” and tried immediately to get OUT of the truck. Mr. Ink grabs me before I get out of the truck, saying “You can’t get out of the truck!” and I look at where I was about to step. I’d have been up to my knees in mud. We switch places in the cab of the truck, and after a lot of maneuvering, Mr. Ink manages to get the truck out of that patch of mud. And we continue on, only to find quite a bit more mud, and a bunch of deep standing water. Mr. Ink manages all this fine, though there was quite a bit of slipping and sliding. The girls were both in the back laughing and screaming and loving every minute of it. We picnicked, and Bug said “Let’s do it again!” She’d decided this was the highlight of her weekend. While Mr. Ink and I discussed it, and decided we were pushing our luck, trying to go through the mess again, we ended up a bit lost, and we did take that road a second time. By the time we were done with that adventure, the truck looked like this:


It must have all exhausted Miss Bug terribly. Probably the whole weekend did. Because, right before we got home, I noticed she’d passed out in the back seat. This never happens!


She slept through getting home, and stayed asleep in the truck for awhile while we unpacked it. It was rather nice to be able to unpack in the quiet, knowing that she was getting some rest and wouldn’t be too exhausted to deal with the remainder of the day.

While on this trip, I managed to finish the scarf I’d been knitting out of Marja’s handspun yarn. It really is gorgeous and the pattern shows off the colors so well!

20140617-084821-31701876.jpg  20140617-084823-31703373.jpg


I used up the yarn, and the scarf is on the shorter more decorative side, but it sure is gorgeous! I love the way the stitch pattern makes the stripes look wavy. I did, quite frankly, start another immediately out of my own handspun. It was a very fun knit, and no purling required so it was fast!


One thought on “The Weekend

  1. I am making that same scarf in some yarn I hand-dyed – you are right about it showing color change very well.

    The whole camping thing sounds like a real adventure, but cold and wet – kudos to you for hanging in there!

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