Drop More Stitches!

You may be wondering where my hawser ply updates are, if you are one to follow the blog. Well, I’ll tell you. I went in to employee health for my annual TB test. I left with the TB test, a blood draw to confirm that I’ve had chicken pox, and a tetanus shot. Once they get you in there, it’s pretty hard to get back out. The next morning I woke up with major joint pain. My entire body hurt. I couldn’t figure it out, until I looked at the reactions list. It seems perhaps I could be having a bit of a reaction to the tetanus shot. That being said, I was glad to get it, given my wool processing proclivities. In any case, between the soreness and the exhaustion from all the travel we’ve done recently, I’ve been pretty unmotivated about crafting time. I’ll get a tiny bit done, but not much. I am more likely to be laying around reading or sleeping in my spare time. So, the hawser ply is on the back burner. I hope to feel more up to it this weekend.

Instead, I can show you the next drop stitch scarf. I spun up a gorgeous inglenook batt last year.

20130503-150442.jpg 20130523-073634.jpg 20130527-132646.jpg

It’s a 2 ply gradient, and has just over 200 yards to it. I figured I’d try a drop stitch scarf with this yarn as well.


You can just begin to see the colors changing, but I see serious orange in my ball of yarn to be knit now, so I am pretty sure I am going to be enjoying a major switch soon.

I’ve also been doing some cotton spinning. Just the tiniest bit in my spare time. I’ll try to show that off a bit tomorrow. It’s completely new to me, but I am enjoying it quite a bit.


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