A Day of Rest

Well, not precisely. But, a day of being in my own space, quietly, no matter how busy it got. So, it is restful.

My plan was to get up fairly early and mow, then do yard work, while the weather was still cool and comfortable. But, we got a major surprise storm that just sort of sat over our area most of the night, causing massive amounts of water in basements and some flooding in various areas. The rain was intense! I had to run to my car in it when it began, and I ended up looking like I’d just jumped into a pool. I wasn’t even out in it 30 seconds.

Needless to say, it was still far too wet this morning to consider mowing. Instead, I decided to tackle the yard work. I had some vines growing, and Mr. Ink was concerned one of them might be poison ivy. He’s highly allergic, and I’ve never had it. So, I yanked those out. Then I proceeded to yank out all sorts of weeds and grasses in my garden, and some junk trees trying to take hold around the yard. It was the perfect day for it, the ground being so saturated that those junk trees came out roots and all (and I measured, some of the roots were 3 feet long!

But, because I didn’t have to mow, I had extra spinning time! And since it was still cool and comfortable, I could do that spinning on the porch. So I pulled out the hawser ply project. When I’d left it, I was working on the final 2 oz. of a total of 8 oz. I had to finish that, then ply 4 of the oz. together.


Since this plying was in the same direction as I spun the singles, they are all squirrely and difficult to control. But, then, I ply both those two plies together in the other direction to create the hawser ply yarn. Do you want a sneak peak? Because I’ve gotten one bobbin finished.


Of course it still needs to be washed and set, but I won’t be bothering with that until I am done plying. Hopefully tomorrow. My observations thus far? It’s amazing to me that a 4 ply can so closely resemble a 2 ply. The 2 plies are so comfortably meshed that they resemble just one ply. Of course, this could all change during a washing, so I’ll wait to see how it all shakes out.

But, I must say, it’s pretty exciting! I am loving trying something new. It inspires me to continue to along these lines for added inspiration.