Beaded Chain Ply beginnings

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve chosen my next fiber and project from A Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs. I focused on a beaded chain ply. I split the fiber in half, assuming that it would be easier to handle that way, but there’s no telling, I might need to split it more once I get started on the chain plying. For now, this seems like a good start.


After a somewhat crappy day at work yesterday, I left work only to realize that the day was glorious! Not as humid, significantly cooler, and sunny. So, I grabbed my wheel and a glass of wine and did a bunch of spinning on the lawn. The above picture was where I started, and I worked all the way back across the bobbin through two more colors. After that, I decided to head inside and be a bit more productive, before Mr. Ink made me dinner. Spoiled, I am.

I also managed to finish my latest drop stitch scarf, which should be appearing on the blog once it is washed and blocked, and I wound the hawser ply yarn because I just cannot wait to play with it! Exciting summer crafting days!