More Dropping Stitches

I loved my first drop stitch scarf SO MUCH! It was gorgeous, and a fun knit, so I cast on another, out of handspun inglenook batts. The handspun yarn is a 2 ply gradient. Some of the color transitions were very gentle, others a little abrupt. However, the scarf is beautiful and soft and lovely, and has the characteristics of the batt it was made from. So it’s all good!

20140625-163215-59535372.jpg  20140625-163217-59537378.jpg


Speaking of color, my moss roses from last year reseeded in my garden. Last year we had orange and pink. So it was a great surprise that when they came in this year, we had all of the colors!


It’s the time of the year here when the garden grows like gangbusters and that’s a fun time for me. I’ve got tomatoes coming in, and it turns out, a reseeded tomato plant too. It just came up! I’ve got tiny eggplants that I need to get a picture of, and my herbs are amazing and beautiful. The one thing disappointing is that one of our storms took out the majority of my cayenne pepper plant. The cayenne pepper plants are my favorite every year, so it was very sad to see it cut so far back, and I am going to have to wait a lot longer for my peppers. I miss them!

2 thoughts on “More Dropping Stitches

  1. I am working on this same pattern between socks and assorted chores – I, too love it and have been planning my next one. It is so lacy and pretty, but so easy to do! I love your stripes…

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