In anticipation of meeting my nephew, I’ve decided to knit him his Christmas stocking. I’ve got enough time to get it done if I stick to it, and it would be nice to give it to him in person rather than have to try to send it in the mail. So, I headed over to one of our new local yarn shops, picked up some lamb’s pride bulky, and got started. I’d had some plain white leftover knitpicks in my stash, so I didn’t get anything beyond the color.


I chose a teal for this one. In part because the choices were slim, and in part because I wanted something very different in color to what I’ve produced before. I’ll admit, I LOVE the color, and the result. What I don’t love is Lamb’ Pride Bulky and it’s splitty underspun nature. Ah well. It’s still gorgeous.

Sadly, I am not going to have enough of either color to finish. Thankfully, the shop has more of the teal, and I have a friend who has some leftover of the white, so I may manage even so.

Yes, I’ve still been spinning on the cabled yarn. And yes, I’ve been working on the two sweaters. And then there’s the biking, I’ve been doing that too! But, I am glad I could squeeze in some stocking knitting time, and hope to wrap this one up very shortly.


That which I haven’t discussed

So, at the end of April I cast on the Boxy and Buttony sweater. And never bothered to show it off. Why? Because it’s a bit of a complicated start, and I told myself repeatedly that I would not show it off until the back and front were connected.

Today, due to the end of TdF, they got connected.


I know, it really doesn’t look like much yet, does it? And yet, I’ve been knitting and knitting and KNITTING on this! It’s a yarn eater and a time suck. Yet, I still think it will be fabulous when it is complete.

I am sure I don’t know why I’d decide to work on 2 sweaters at once. That does seem ill advised, doesn’t it?


TdF conclusion

First, I’ll start with a story. I decided to put in my final TdF spinning time this morning, since the morning was so beautiful. Not humid, decent temp, really ideal for porch spinning. So, I am sitting on the porch, and a group of people walk by the house. The older gentleman says “Are ya knittin’ a sweater?” I have to say, I’ve had my wheel mistaken for a loom before, but this was the first time it was mistaken for 2 pointy sticks.

I put in just over an hour on my cabled yarn project. I am ignoring the fact I didn’t complete this spin. It makes me feel like I’ve failed at TdF, which is silly, because I did spin every day, including one of the rest days. But, if I look at it logically, even if I sat in my chair and spun all day long, I still wouldn’t be able to finish this yarn. So, instead, I am going to spend my day on my motorcycle, and then finishing up the cleaning of Bug’s room.

So, I will leave you with a TdF conclusion photo.


I have about an ounce of singles to finish, then the plying of the second 4 oz, then the plying of all 8 oz together. I am hoping now to have this one done next week, as I will be on vacation and that seems like a great time to be done!


TdF and FO

I have another finished object. This is another honey cowl, out of handspun Marja gave me. She was absolutely right, it looks amazing as a honey cowl. The earthy tones speak to me in a big way, and it is a nice long, soft, cowl that I suspect I can get a ton of use out of.

20140726-112326-41006565.jpg 20140726-112324-41004645.jpg

As for TdF updates, I do have one. Last evening, I had gotten this far in the 2 oz. I am currently working on:


This morning I powered through the rest of the 2 oz. so that I could at least be working on the final 2 oz. the last day of TdF.


While I feel  like I’ve failed somehow, by not finishing the yarn during the tour, my hands and wrists are shot. I can’t keep my wrists from falling asleep, and that’s not a good sign. So, I am learning to be content with the new goal of starting the last two oz. during the final day of the tour.

TdF is always productive for me, but I always wonder if it also puts me off spinning for a time after, and if I’d manage just as much productivity in the same general time period without overdoing it.



TdF Yesterday’s spinning

Let’s look at some spindle spinning, ok? Beacause, I’ve been missing it lately. The cotton didn’t exactly do it for me, seeing as it was too different to feel comfortable.


But, I’ve been enjoying my time with my spindles again, I’ve brought them to work and am spinning during my lunch break. It’s such a nice, easy, gentle thing to do while I am halfway through my day that I am surprised I don’t spin at work more often!

TdF Not gonna get done!

I had little spinning time yesterday since I was rearranging Miss Bug’s room with the help of Marja. Really only about a half hour. The room, just like TdF, has an end date. A date where everything MUST be complete. And I am getting fairly close to it too.

So, what needs to give? TdF. I’ll continue spinning each day, but it is becoming ever so clear to me that my cabled yarn will not be completed during the tour.


This is my grand progress from yesterday. It’s pathetic. As is the state of my house, due to the fact that I am working exclusively on Bug’s room. There are SOCKS in that picture! I have, however, learned a few things. 20 minutes of spinning here and there does count. I do get more done than I expect to when I sit down for 20 minutes to spin. In the past, I would always say “20 minutes? Why bother!” but, since the point of the tour is to spin every day, and I only have 20 minutes, I do it anyway. And it is more  productive than I imagined.

The other thing I’ve learned is that waking up early to spin is pointless for me. Spinning first thing in the morning makes my hands ache and fall asleep. Spinning in the evening does not. So, the times I’ve woken up an hour early to put in an hours worth of spinning only actually yield me about 20 minutes of spinning. So, no more of that!

As for Bug’s room progress, let me show you one of the things we did last night! I am so excited about it. You see, Miss Bug, who turned 10 yesterday, still had a toddler plastic toy bin/bookshelf and a changing table in her bedroom. Granted, the changing table was used for toy storage, but still, it wasn’t appropriate for a tween room. I also had used her closet as storage for me. So, the goal was to get rid of the inappropriate furnishings, clean out the closet, give that over to her, and add appropriate furnishings. Miss Marja had some bookshelves she was tired of, and wanted to give to Bug. Along with a bunch of other cleaning and organizing, we got the bookshelves in last evening!


Still a lot left to do, but we are well on our way to being done now. And I cannot WAIT to be done! I also can’t wait for her to see it all, it’ll be wonderful!


TdF, let’s not talk about it

I don’t want to talk spinning anymore! At least not today. To be honest, the intensity of keeping up the spinning has brought on a huge desire to knit instead. Marja gave me a skein of gorgeous handspun recently, and I liked the honey cowl I knit for her so much that I decided I’d better knit one for me too.

I started on Monday. Let me show you my obsession.


Marja had decided that the colors were me, and she’s so right. They are warm and earthy, and I love warm earthy tones. I do believe it is one of the reasons I just cannot stop knitting on this.

Will I spin today? Sure I will, but I don’t have to talk about it too much do I?