Hawser Ply Knit Cowl

Just as soon as I finished the hawser ply yarn, I wanted to cast on for a project. I was just so thrilled with the yarn that it was impossible to leave it in skein form. I chose a cowl and got started on it right away.


The colors of the duo are very subtle, and very beautiful.


The way the knit looks with the hawser ply is a ton of fun. Very bouncy, very open, very….big. It’s like hawser ply yarn is a little larger than life.


I had enough to have a long cowl, plenty to double up. It’s big and bouncy and squishy and muted. It’s also quite drapy. I really love it.

Overall, the hawser ply experiment was a smashing success! I am so glad to have given it a try. I hope my upcoming spinning experiments go as well!


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