Tour de Fleece day 2, Beads

I’ve finally had an opportunity to start the chain ply for my current project. I strung a tube of beads onto my single, and had at it.


It takes a bit of getting used to. The whole managing your chain ply can be tough enough, but when you also have to make sure your single is going through a string of beads, the complication doubles.


My beads are placed rather randomly, I am not trying to place them in any careful order. Just when I feel like I haven’t placed one in awhile, I’ll do another.

The singles need to be spun pretty well for this project, which I did. I tend to make fairly low twist singles, because I like the softness of the yarn. However, for this, they have to be strong enough to stand up to the weight of the beads, the beads dropping over the singles, and the yanking that I am doing to get the yarn to move through the beads. It seems to be going fine thus far, though I still fear the unmistakable sound of beads dropping all over the porch.

It’s awfully humid here right now, and I did get a bit of spinning done, but I am putting it down now in order to do some much needed mowing. If I get back to it, it’ll be late in the day. I am fairly happy with my current progress though.


2 thoughts on “Tour de Fleece day 2, Beads

  1. I think so! I finished my first 2 oz. last evening. Took fewer beads than I expected. I didn’t want to overwhelm it. But those beads sure do pop even when the yarn is just sitting on the bobbin. Super fun!

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