TdF Day 3, Still Carving

Thus far, I am feeling like all I do is attempt in a very busy schedule to carve out a bit of time for spinning. I do hope that isn’t the theme for this year.

Due to some news among friends that would stop anyone in their tracks and reassess what they most value, I spent a bit more time than usual over the course of the weekend with friends. We ended up with the inaugural tank wars bracket yesterday, on a day that was ridiculously hot and muggy. It kind of looks like everyone had dumped water over their heads before we lit tanks.

20140707-133536-48936997.jpg 20140707-133540-48940158.jpg 20140707-133538-48938548.jpg

A good time was had by all certainly.

I also spent some time with Miss Bug, after I picked her up from camp. I’d decided to mow the lawn and do yard work. As it was crazy muggy, by the time I was done, I was a hot sweaty mess. I came inside to find my own personal water station all set up.


That was good fun too!

I got the opportunity to finish 2 ounces of the beaded yarn, but I haven’t snapped a picture. Then, this morning I had to take Miss Bug to the airport for her annual trip to visit my parents. She’s looking SO grown up these days!

Tonight Mr. Ink and I are having both his kids over for dinner. Which means I TRULY could not carve out any time for spinning today. So, I brought cotton on a spindle to work, and spun at work instead. I can carve out time at work most days, even if I cannot carve it out at home.


I really hope my time becomes more my own soon. But, it just looks to be a busy summer over all.

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