TdF Day 5, Beaded Chain Ply

Well hello there! I am so happy to have the opportunity to show you what I finished yesterday! I took 4 oz. of Spun Right Round Rambouillet and spun it into singles. Then I added some beads, and chain plied it, adding beads into the knuckle of the chain ply. I love it, it’s really fun and fascinating yarn. It is also fun and fascinating to do different things with my handspun.

I ended up with 295 yards of beaded yarn. Beads are very randomly placed.

20140709-162607-59167923.jpg 20140709-162606-59166055.jpg

There are a couple tricks. First off, the single needs to be spun with enough structure to withstand a lot of pulling and the beads running over it. But, not so much twist that it kinks up a ton, or the beads won’t slide over it. Second, a few beads go a long way. I had two containers of beads, I strung one container on the first 2 oz, had leftovers, so strung those on the second 2 oz, and didn’t finish those up either. Of course, this is great, because I’ve now got beads for other projects!

Great experiment, and I suspect I am going to need to knit the yarn pretty quick.

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