TdF Day 6, Cotton Progress

I’ve gotten a good amount of cotton spinning done at work this week. I managed another spindle full, wound that off, and then finished up what I brought to work, for another partially full spindle. I think the second spindle full went far better than the first, and I am starting to get the hang of how cotton wants to ACT when spun. Totally different than wool, but I am pretty sure with practice it would be a pretty comfortable fiber to spin. In fact, I was going to plow through this fiber and then be done with cotton spinning for awhile, even though I have another 8 oz of cotton “top” in a caramel color to spin. Now I am not sure, perhaps I’ll give that a try as well.



3 thoughts on “TdF Day 6, Cotton Progress

  1. I’ve never tried spinning cotton. I have some very nice cotton fiber in my stash but I’m irrationally scared of it.

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