TdF and FO

I have another finished object. This is another honey cowl, out of handspun Marja gave me. She was absolutely right, it looks amazing as a honey cowl. The earthy tones speak to me in a big way, and it is a nice long, soft, cowl that I suspect I can get a ton of use out of.

20140726-112326-41006565.jpg 20140726-112324-41004645.jpg

As for TdF updates, I do have one. Last evening, I had gotten this far in the 2 oz. I am currently working on:


This morning I powered through the rest of the 2 oz. so that I could at least be working on the final 2 oz. the last day of TdF.


While I feel  like I’ve failed somehow, by not finishing the yarn during the tour, my hands and wrists are shot. I can’t keep my wrists from falling asleep, and that’s not a good sign. So, I am learning to be content with the new goal of starting the last two oz. during the final day of the tour.

TdF is always productive for me, but I always wonder if it also puts me off spinning for a time after, and if I’d manage just as much productivity in the same general time period without overdoing it.



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