Slowing Down

After a whirlwind vacation, this was my first weekend at home. Due to a very busy week, I was certainly looking forward to some downtime this weekend, and I do believe I got it. I started Saturday rather under caffeinated, and this made me want to fall asleep repeatedly. Every time I wanted to fall asleep, I’d get up and do something productive instead. This meant that many chores that needed to be done, actually got done.

In between those moments, I knit on Stripes Gone Crazy. I knew I was nearing the end of the body of the sweater, and I just desperately wanted it done.

Last evening, Mr. Ink and I prepared the motorbikes to head to a rally about an hour away from us. He wanted to make sure mine was mechanically sound, and he had a few things to do to his bike as well. I attempted to hang out and help when possible with my bike, and though I was helpful, I’ve decided that watching my bike being worked on creates a ton of anxiety for me. This is due to having no clue what is going on with it, mechanically. So, everything Mr. Ink comments on creates panic in me. I did, however, finish knitting the ribbing on the bottom of the sweater, but gave in and went to bed before I could cast off.

We left early this morning for the rally with a group of bikers, we hung out and had lunch at the rally, had fun looking at the bikes in the bike show, and did some demo riding. Or rather, Mr. Ink did. I get too nervous to try a brand new bike in a group of riders, so I bailed. Then the long trip back. I put 150 miles on my motorbike today, and I can honestly say this hinders how eager I am to knit!

But, I did take the time to bind off. So I can show you that at least!


I figured a shot of the back of the sweater was in order, since the last picture was of the front. I can’t wait to see how this blocks, but, I guess I gotta start with the sleeves, huh?

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