Striped Update

It’s been an absolutely INSANE week. Totally. If getting back into the routine of school wasn’t hard enough, we’ve had things like friends in bike/car accidents, old friends from out of town surprisingly visiting, ocular migraines, sick kiddo, and a completely insane work schedule complete with a grant submission due. Just insanity. In fact, while I had been wondering why I am so completely exhausted and only want to sit on my couch and knit tonight, when I read it, I realize why. It’s all quite clear.

There’s been absolutely no spinning at all. There has been, however, knitting. I finished the first sleeve on my stripes gone crazy cardigan. After doing so, I chose to weave in some of the ends, because it annoys me to finish, and then spend an hour weaving in all the ends to my specifications. After that was done, I got started on the second sleeve, which has wider stripes. This will leave me more ends, because carrying yarn up 20 rows sounds a bit ambitious. 4 rows is fine. 20 rows, maybe not so much.


I am going to have a good deal of the handspun left over I fear. So, I am asking you, dear reader, if you could advise me a bit. The bottom ribbing, the collar ribbing, and the sleeve ribbing will all be the main brown color. The question is, should I use handspun for the button bands, or is that too much? Should I just go with the main color and stay traditional? I am unclear as to how I feel about it entirely. And, quite frankly, if I stick with the main brown color, I might have enough handspun to do something else with. Alternately, if I stick with the main brown color, I might have to wade through some destash boards to get more. I don’t think so, but it is a possibility.

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