Guess what is blocking on the floor right now?!?!?! Yep, I am ridiculously excited to note that my Stripes Gone Crazy sweater is complete and blocking. I finished it late Saturday evening. I admit, it was a little big goofy looking and bulgy, and I did worry that it wouldn’t block out nicely. The pattern warned about this, and thankfully, just as it stated, it blocks quite nicely. So, now I am forced to go shopping for buttons. I can’t decide, blue or yellow buttons, or both!

I had a ton of the handspun yarn left over. I think that’s good, since I absolutely love the yarn. I decided to send it through a yarn counter to see how much was left, and it’s about 470 yards. Enough for another Lintilla Shawlette! Yes, I am absolutely considering knitting another.


I needed another project to work on while the sweater was blocking. I’ve got some Rowan cotton in my stash, and it’s been there for years. Bug absolutely loves her ruched yoke tee, but it’s getting a bit short. So, I decided to make her another in the 12 yr old size. I started it while she was with her dad. We then picked her up and took her swimming at a local state park, since the day was ridiculously hot and humid. I’d popped my knitting and the magazine the pattern was in into my bag. When we were taking a break, I pulled out the magazine and asked her if she remembered the pattern. The following conversation happened:

Bug: Yes, I remember that one. I want another!

Me: That’s good, because I just started knitting you another.

Bug: I hope it’s blue!


I then showed her the project, and she cheered. Now that’s a way to make a knitting mamma happy!

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