Stockinette hell

We’ve all been there, right? But for me, this time, it isn’t just stockinette hell, but stockinette in the round hell. I mean, there’s not even a purl row to break it up.

I’ve got the boxy and buttony sweater on the needles. To be fair, there’s a panel of twisted rib, but it totally Does Not Count when the sweater is oversized and boxy and the yarn is fingering weight and you knit in the round. The most exciting thing I do is switch yarn ever row in order to incorporate dye lots in the colorway I am using.

And, now I’ve got Bug’s ruched yoke sweater to the point where that too is stockinette in the round. I actually brought it to work today, because I’d kind of like to get this off the needles as fast as possible. I mean, between stockinette hell and knitting with cotton yarn, it needs to be a short project. My hands already ache. I am hoping to have this one off the needles by the end of the long weekend in order to knit something else fabulous and non stockinette. Maybe that Lintilla I’ve been craving.


2 thoughts on “Stockinette hell

    • With the little ruched tee, I am just going to try to work on it in every spare moment. I just want to finish it! The boxy sweater though, my goal is an hour a day monday through friday. It isn’t going to be done soon, but progress will be made.

      I love little goals, it does help the boring knitting pass quickly.

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