Ruched Tee

Talk about powering through, Bug’s ruched tee is already done! I admit to working on it a bit obsessively, just because I find cotton to be so difficult to work with. I just had to get it done! Even though Miss Bug is 10, I decided to make the 12 yr old size. To be honest, while I knit it to specifications, I am not sure it will be long enough at 12. Thankfully, I have plenty of that yarn leftover, and could always add to it.

IMG_2435 IMG_2437

I briefly considered knitting one of these for myself. There is, after all, an adult size. But, the more I looked at the projects on people, the more I thought it just wasn’t a fabulous look for adults. So, no ruched tee for me, and my hands will thank me for that decision.

What’s next? I’ve still got Boxy and Buttony on the needles, it is still sitting at work and I am unwilling to bring it home to power through. I’ve decided to do another striped sweater with handspun as the contrast color, but that handspun is not yet spun. So, that might be awhile. In the meantime, I am using the leftovers from the last stripy sweater to make a trillian shawl. After all, I’ve knit lintilla twice, and I had at one time vowed to do all the hitchhiker shawls. So, since my magrathea was a spectacular fail and I am not quite ready to take that one on a second time, trillian seemed like a great choice.

I also have a desire to knit a new baby sweater for my coworker. She’s due in November, and now seems as good a time as any to work on a sweater. So, I think we’ll see that coming up on the blog as well.

And hopefully some more spinning!

2 thoughts on “Ruched Tee

  1. I think you’re right. That design doesn’t seem like it would work well for most adults, unless they themselves have a very childish figure.

    • Yes, you’ve summed up the problem well, and with more…grace than I could manage! It’s just that nothing on the tee hits a curvy figure in the right places.

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