Baby Sophisticate

My lovely coworker is having a baby boy in a couple months. She’s not just a coworker, but a friend, and a knitworthy one at that. So, I decided this baby boy needed a little sweater. I chose baby sophisticate because I’ve seen it knit up, and loved everything about it.

I had some knitpicks city tweed in my stash, it’s been there for awhile, and I have attempted to knit it into two different sweaters, but neither of them stuck. It is perfect for this pattern though. I started on Saturday, and finished yesterday. It is still a little damp, but I couldn’t resist sewing buttons on before it was totally dry.


Great little knit, and a ton of fun!

4 thoughts on “Baby Sophisticate

    • As it turns out, she said “I love it! I have to put it away now, every time I look at it, it makes me cry. Stupid hormones!” So, I’d say it was a success!

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