Stuff other than knitting

The crafting ADD has remained. I don’t really mind, a bunch of different projects are fun.

Last evening, Bug began her first ever sleep over. The little girl she invited over apparently has a grandmother who spins. This led to her knowing a great deal about wool and yarn, and gave her a big interest in learning more about my various craft tools.

I finished warping the loom this morning, and the girls wound bobbins for me. Then they decided they wanted to learn to use the drum carder. They created this batt:


It is wool, alpaca, and silk. I might add some yellow to it, but otherwise, it’s a very nice job done by them. Good stuff!

I pulled another batt off the drum carder so they could use it. It’s CVM Romeldale that I washed and dyed the locks. I had a couple leftovers, so I added a deep forest green, an orangey red, and undyed grey. I didn’t think it would look very good, but it’s ok.


Bug thinks that the deep green looks more blue in this context.

And, finally, there’s been more spinning.


I’ve really only got one more color to work through, and I completely forgot to get a picture of the yellow that is in there. Ah well, next bump!

The weather is quite deliciously cool. I had told the girls last night that their ability to have another sleep over was directly linked to how much sleep I got last evening. I never heard them! And apparently they even came down and raided their cookie stash. I blame the wonderful weather, sleeping with the window open, and some white noise. They then slept in until almost 10, so clearly they had a great time.