Handspun Stripes

Awhile back now, Marja was parting with some of her handspun. She just had to much, and as a non knitter, she was happy to send away some yarn that might get some love elsewhere. I put two skeins, one very bright, and the other more solid and dark, into my yarn stash. I contemplated what I would do with them for a long time. They just sat there next to each other, teasing me a bit, but I couldn’t think of anything.

Then, one afternoon, after waking up from a nap, I was looking at those two skeins of yarn, and I realized that what they really wanted was to be paired together. And I remembered that there was this great 1X1 rib scarf from way back when that I could do.


So I did. I got started, because I needed “purse knitting.”  The stuff that doesn’t need a pattern. Even though my current obsession leans more toward the Tandem Adirondack shawls, I do pick this one up and put some time in on it daily. Not much, but enough to make it count.

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