Boxy and Buttony

Let me just start with this. I started this sweater back in April, and it was a slog.

I loved the yarn. Dyeabolical’s tenacious sock, colorway tempest tease. I loved the end results of the pattern. But, it was really tough for me to do so much very tiny stockinette.

However, I must say, the resulting sweater does not disappoint.


I love the fit. I love the unusual arm detail. The yarn is great to wear next to skin.


It feels good on, which makes me feel good when I wear it.

As a final detail, I’d decided to pick up some Czech glass buttons off Etsy. I used 5 on each arm rather than 7 because I couldn’t find buttons small enough for my needs.


They are a final fabulous touch to the sweater, they pick up so many colors, but are predominately green and gold.

I am not sure what else to say about this one. Except that this confirms it. My next sweater will also be a Joji sweater. This one fits TOO well to have it any other way. But, I’ll use thicker yarn next time.

5 thoughts on “Boxy and Buttony

  1. Well done!! 🙂 I also have a tough time finishing up projects with miles of stockinette stitch, but it’s awesome when the end result is a cozy, beautiful, wearable sweater!

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