Completed tandem shawls

As you may remember, I began the Adirondack shawl pattern knitting two shawls out of handspun in tandem. They are now complete.

First up is Marja’s handspun gradient. The fiber is Inglenook Puff the Magic Dragon batts. This was spun as a chain ply gradient out of two batts. It’s just beautiful! The yarn is a nice, heavy, thick, round, dense yarn. The completed shawl has a ton of luster, and the colors are absolutely rich, more so that this picture can convey.


I am so sad that the finished end didn’t get back into the lightest of the green color, but I suppose that’s better than running out of yarn completely. I actually added another little repeat to the end of the scarf just to add a little more of the olive green.

And then there’s my shawl. This was knit from a 2 ply fractal spun yarn. It was Dyeabolical fiber, I don’t remember the color name right now but it was from the pink club. There was a total of 8 oz. This one is light and airy. The two ply squished out quite a bit, as 2 ply does. Sort of flattening itself.


All in all, two very successful shawls out of handspun yarn. They were a great fun knit, and went fast due to the thicker yarn.

I have an abbreviated weekend this weekend due to the conference I plan every other year. We are trying to get stuff done around the house prior to this happening, and I am trying to wrap up projects. These two shawls were part of that, and the other thing I hope to wrap up is a skein of handspun yarn.

On the upside, the conference usually allows me a lot of downtime and I generally do some knitting and spindle spinning during that downtime. I am hoping to get a good portion of my next sweater done during that downtime.