Conference Crafting

Today was day #2 of my conference. On day one, I did a tiny bit of spinning. No knitting. But, day #2 starts at 6:45 am and doesn’t end until after 9 p.m.  I get a break in there, but it’s a long haul. It’s also a conference of hurry up and wait for me. When the group breaks, I rush in and get stuff done. When the group is in session, I am available for paperwork that has to be filled out, questions that need answering, and any catering/AV requests that come through. There are often large chunks of time I can knit, and often my question answering allows me to go on knitting while talking. That part is very pleasant.

I started the Joji pattern called Lemongrass this weekend in hopes to work on it during the conference. I took a picture of where I started today.


After lunch, I brought it to the point of all increases done, and ready to split for the front.


Unfortunately, I hadn’t thought to bring extra needles for that split, so I had to drag out something else. My two color scarf out of Marja’s handspun. I started here.


I then had a couple hours at home, so one of the tasks I chose with my down time, besides helping Bug with homework and fixing us dinner, was splitting off the front. By the end of this evening:


That feels like some pretty insane progress. You can tell my last two sweaters were out of fingering weight yarn. I forget how fast aran knits up!

And, I also have a picture of my small progress on the 2 color scarf.


I worked through the remainder of the pink and into other colors.

All in all, a very successful day, both professionally and crafting wise. Looking forward to tomorrow, and another full day of knitting and question answering.

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