Conference Progress Day #2

I’ve done all the conference knitting I can today. Tonight is a banquet, and that’s just not knitting time. And right now I am in between events. I did get stuff done, but the progress isn’t nearly as pronounced as yesterday.

I started off here:


On my lemongrass sweater. I was able to complete the front to the point where I am to hold stitches for the ribbing.


I didn’t have what I needed to separate out the arms and the back, as working on the back is my next step. So, I set it aside to work on the striped scarf. Before and after pics below.

IMG_2517 IMG_2519

Not bad! There’s a chance I might get a few more rows of this done while I am checking in on the banquet before guests arrive.

Tomorrow is the last part of the conference, and I’ve only got the morning. I think I’ll just take the lemongrass sweater as I am sure I won’t finish the entire back in one morning, AND manage to pack up and clean up the conference as well. But, after that, I’ve got the rest of the week off! Perhaps that means I’ll get a little more done.

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