I finished my conference yesterday at around 2, but was a complete vegetable after I got home. I napped, then sat on the couch with some spindle spinning and reading. Unable to knit or really participate in life for a couple hours. Once Bug got home, there was homework to help with, and then Mr. Ink came over to make me dinner. It was a very good kind of homey evening that I needed.

I went in to the conference quite early yesterday morning, as I decided I wanted all the poster stands down and packed up before the sessions even started. Luckily, I wasn’t the only one with that thought, and I had a little bit of help. I couldn’t have finished before the session on my own, but it did get done due to the help. This freed me up for being available during the breaks for paperwork and required signatures. After making sure I was as tidy and organized as possible, I knit on the back of my sweater, and, I FINISHED THE BACK!


I had about 2 rows left once the conference finished and lunch began. But, because I still needed to be available for paperwork, I managed to finish those two rows.

My next step, which probably will happen today if I decide that knitting is what I really want to do, is to add the ribbing around the front and back.

I am a bit nervous about yarn consumption. I might not have quite enough. I’ve never truly had to beg on Rav before, but, I fear I might have to this time.

The other thing I’ve noted is that knitting aran weight yarn like this? Frees up room in my stash so ridiculously fast! Honestly, if I next knit another bulkier sweater, I’ll have another entire square empty! That would thrill me to pieces.