Hooky Days

Not really, just post conference days off. A chance to recharge my batteries, and dump some overtime.

Yesterday morning I spent not knitting. Looking back, I am not even entirely sure WHAT I did with that time. But, I am also sure it was necessary. Then, in the afternoon I began the task of knitting the ribbing on the Lemongrass sweater. It’s no small feat, as the ribbing goes from the armpits, all the way around the bottom of the sweater, on both the front and back. I finished it late last night.

This morning I picked up stitches for the first arm.


Really, not bad progress all things considered. You may remember that I have been nervous about running out of yarn. I have 2 and a half balls of yarn left. I started the sleeve with a brand new ball of yarn. If I can manage to finish the sleeve with just one ball of yarn, I will be just fine. If I cannot, THEN, I will begin to panic. But, not right now. I don’t have time for panic.

Today is a hooky day bike ride. I skipped the morning portion but am heading out shortly for the afternoon portion of the ride. Should be a good time with good friends, and I really am looking forward to this social time.

One thought on “Hooky Days

  1. You could always just make the sleeves as long as they want to be.. Just do a three-quarter or elbow sleeve if you run out. (No, that has totally never happened to me, why do you ask? :P)

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