Actually, I was back to knitting on Tuesday, but lightly. I have done quite a bit of spinning this week. However, I have currently no active projects on the needles! That’s right. I know it’s a bit odd. But, I finished the Lemongrass sweater, though it is taking ages and ages to dry, and I finished the striped cowl I had been working on.

And I didn’t block it. Because I prefer to keep the 1X1 rib bouncy.

IMG_2544 IMG_2545

This is, again, two different skeins of Marja’s handspun. It was a ton of fun to knit due to the color changes. I used up all of the darker more solid color, but I’ve got enough of the bright stuff for either another cowl like this, or maybe some fingerless mitts or something for Miss Bug. I am sure she’d adore that.

As I was knitting this, I decided I probably wouldn’t wear it. I’ve just got too many cowls and scarves already. So, this one is headed to Marja’s quickly growing stash of handknits.

Now I’m off to find some buttons for the Lemongrass, and to wind some handspun for my next project. I am headed to the yarn store tomorrow in order to find yarn for another sweater! Might as well keep knocking them out while I am on a roll.

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