This week has been full of costume crafting, but clearly we are very close to being done now. Just one more evening of it, and then I can show it all off. It really has taken a chunk out of my crafting time though. All the little crafty bits I have to do for Bug’s costume are tedious at best, and don’t leave a ton of time for other things. And, blogging about them makes little sense until the costume is completely finished.

But, as I mentioned, I finished a huge skein of yarn on Monday. I had the smallest bit of plying left at that point, and so I got it done. Then, I washed it and hung it to dry. Between the cooler weather and the over 10 oz skein, it took days to dry!


This skein is truly massive. So large, I could not double it over for pretty pictures. It’s 720 yards of sport to DK weight  2 ply yarn. I DO have plans for this one, and I am hoping to get started pretty soon.