Just a bit more plying

This week, while busy and feeling a bit anxious, I decided I needed to start fixing things. I’ve got a pile of knitting that needs various repairs, clothing needing a bit of sewing, and a couple skeins of handspun I am not thrilled to pieces about. I figured if I could get a few of those things done, it would make me feel more productive in general.

Back in June I spun this yarn:


I’d pulled a technique out of a book and gave it a try. It’s nice yarn, very pretty. Certainly interesting. But, also delicate, and I didn’t love the idea of knitting with it. I decided to “repair” it. I just wanted to ply it back together into a 2 ply with 2 sparkly threads running through it.


140 yards of bulky yarn, thick and thin, with sparkles. I am not sure if it looks better this way, but it is certainly more stable and easier to knit this way, so I’ll call it a win.

I also repaired the heel of a sock that I loved, and I call that a win too. However, when I went to put that sock away, I found another needing repair. Two steps forward, one step back.