On Angering the Knitting Gods

The proverbial knitting gods are angry. And it’s my fault, and it has been taken out on me hard in the past few days.

You see, I knit my Lemongrass sweater, finished my lemongrass sweater, blocked my lemongrass sweater, sewed buttons on my lemongrass sweater, but I never bothered to photograph it and document it in any way.

I can only assume this made the knitting gods angry because over the course of 3 days, my knitting abilities went completely tits up.

Let me tell you about it. On Saturday, I cast on a hat out of handspun yarn. I proceeded to cast on that hat 4 more times before I managed to have enough of a tail for the long tail cast on. I then knit what looked like seed stitch for the brim. Then, I decided to read the pattern, and realized that it wasn’t seed stitch at all, so I had to rip and start over.

I knit that lovely hat until I hit the decrease area, sort of thinking that it might be a little on the large side. When I tried it on, I realized that it was so far on the large side that it was not salvageable. I ripped it out.

I then wound a different yarn and started a hat in that yarn. I only had to cast on twice to get the proper long tail. Then, I knit a few inches of ribbing on the hat, tried it on, and realized that it was too small and too tight. I ripped. Went up a needle size, and tried again. THAT hat seems to be going ok at the moment. But, the yarn is super bulky and hurts my hands, so I can’t really work on it consistently.

Awhile back I started the Fading Lines sweater, I never bothered to photograph it because it wasn’t very interesting. I got a good portion of the top down sweater increases done when it seemed there might be an issue. Sure enough, my gauge was entirely incorrect, and if I kept on like I was, I’d have a sweater that was much too small. Ok, fine, I ripped all that out.

And then, I worked on my “at work” project. Despite counting and recounting, I knit a bit on it, realized I’d knit a couple rows past the place where I was supposed to add some patterning, and then put it down because…..I really couldn’t fathom ripping out a couple rows….of MOHAIR!  Seriously, this was The Last Straw. I knew drastic measures must be taken.

Last evening, rather than spending a bunch of time knitting, I looked at patterns and wound yarn. This morning? I had Bug take a picture of my lemongrass sweater. It’s early, and my knitting has all been crap, so please forgive the less than pleased face and focus on the sweater itself. After many many pictures, only one was really fit for posting. The rest were quite blurry.


I have a lemongrass sweater. It is nice. It fits well. I am wearing it at work. There you go knitting gods, the sweater is complete and photographed, now release my knitting!