The Best Hat That Ever Was

This is a comeback post of sorts, I suppose. If you’ve followed along with me for long enough, you’ll realize that I really do not like knitting hats. And I don’t very often. It’s just not something I care to do. It hurts my hands, and the hat rarely turns out well. So, instead, I often trade my knitting or spinning services for hats that other knitters create. This has worked well for me.

However, I had that amazing rotund 6 ply chain ply. And I couldn’t resist. I needed a Shroom hat. I wouldn’t have it any other way. So I knit one.

IMG_2586 IMG_2584 IMG_2585

And it is simply the best hat that ever was. I love it. I love the crazy colors, I love the fit, I am happy with the way it looks. It’s got a lot of sparkle and a lot of crazy colors and it just…is the best hat that *I* have ever created. It was tempting to wear it to work today, but I doubt that it is quite cool enough to get away with it. Maybe tomorrow.

Miss Bug has this long list of knitting she wants me to make for her. I’ve never really gone over the top with knitting for her before, but this year may be my year to start. In which case, this blog may be quiet on the finished object front, as I’ll not be able to show the final project until after Christmas. In the interest of the long list of knitted items, I started a shroom hat for Miss Bug yesterday, but with dk weight handspun. I had to change the sizing a bit, but it’s still going to work well.

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