User Error

I decided to get a move on with Christmas knitting. Since Bug has asked for all the knitting things, I figure it will be a lot less stressful if I just get them all finished.

On that note, I spent some of my evening winding yarn for projects. And then, I started a dress for Bug’s doll Julie. It seemed to be going pretty well, and fairly quickly. But, at some point, as I was knitting along I thought “This ribbing seems to be a lot longer than what is in the picture.” I continued on anyhow, until the end of my evening, when I looked at the pattern for the third time or so, and realized that I’d calculated 26 rows rather than the 13 rows of ribbing required.

To be fair, 26 rows is the number of rows that the skirt requires. I’d just calculated the correct number of rows for the wrong section of knitting. And, as the pattern is written row by row, this is pretty easy to do. But, while I wanted to call it the continued curse of the knitting gods, I knew in my heart that this was truly simple user error. I ripped back this morning and got the stitches all set up to begin the 26 row section. And then I hid the knitting, since it is actually starting to look like doll clothing, and that means she’ll start asking about it at any point now. So, I’ll just have to wait to work on it at work, or after she goes to bed at night.

Meanwhile, I also cast on a hat for Bug out of Marja’s handspun yarn. I loved the Shroom pattern so much that I decided to just┬ámodify the pattern for DK weight yarn, and size it down a bit for Bug’s smaller head. This project is sitting at work at the moment, which is great because I know she isn’t likely to spot it there. It is knitting up fairly quickly and I think I’ll have it done in short order. Sadly, that FO post won’t come until after Christmas! Unless I can secretly find another small head to photograph it on secretly. I don’t see that happening.