Lolita Vest

For a long while, we only had one yarn shop in this area, or perhaps I should say, only one easy to find and worth going to. But, more recently, we’ve upped that to three. Once all three were open, a couple of us did a quick little morning yarn crawl, visiting each store. I saw a lolita vest knit up as a shop sample in the first store, and decided that this pattern should be my purchase at that store.

But, instead of buying the yarn for it, I decided to spin for it. I created my very large hank of yarn over a number of months, and got to cast it on fairly recently. My yarn calculations told me I should have more than enough yardage, but of course I am already worried.


You can see I’ve created the area for the sleeve and will now be moving on to the back of the vest. The gradient itself seems to be working out quite nicely.

My hope, if I run out of yarn, is that some nice loop groupy will take pity on me and sell me another bump. But, I am also hoping that doesn’t happen at all. We’ll see!