For Julie

Miss bug wants All Of The Handknits for Christmas. So, instead of buying her a bunch of toys she won’t use, I am going to provide her with just what she actually wants.

She wants some knits for herself, but most of what she wants is for Julie, her American Girl Doll.

I broke my all handknits rule simply to get her doll some stockings that will match what I am knitting. Currently, Julie only has red stockings. So, I got a pair in grey and a pair in white.

And then I decided to get moving on the knitting. So far, I’ve knit 3 items for the doll. First up is a little dress out of sock yarn. I used a ribbon I had in my stash for the neckline drawstring.


I am very pleased with this one, it’s super cute, I like the yarn choice, and it’ll be a fabulous addition to her collection.

I also made a skirt. A line, because Bug wants a skirt she can put an apron over so Julie can pretend to be a waitress.


I used leftovers from a self striping sock yarn, and that made for quite an interesting skirt. I may see if I can find a grey to do a matching sweater.

Bug also requested that Julie get a knit hat. It seems a bit small, but it’s pretty cute.


This one I made out of handspun, my leftover hawser ply yarn.

Two things you’ll notice, one being that all the pictures are indoors. This is because it’s really tough to have an active kid who takes interest in handknits and provide her with surprise knitting. I had to beg for her to let me keep Julie with me for one night, and daytime pictures just weren’t an option. Perhaps I’ll get an opportunity after Christmas for a fashion show.

The other thing you may notice is that my Christmas tree is already up! It’s ridiculously early, I know. But, I am in the midst of a creepy basement clean out, and it was just easier to set it up to get it out of the way so I could continue with the sorting, purging, and reorganizing.

There are a few more must knits for the doll on Bug’s list. Slippers being one of them. I think I’ll just make the doll socks and call them slippers. There’s also talk about the potential for another American Girl Doll, and if that’s the case, I think I’ll have to consider two hats, two slippers, and a second set of mittens and fingerless mitts. I know what will be required of me.

Nevertheless, it’s been a lot of fun, knitting for the doll. I am currently working on legwarmers of all things! There’s such a wealth of patterns and styles and just giving myself the freedom to totally go wild over knitting is absolutely good times.