In Spinning

With all the Christmas knitting, my spinning has taken a terrible hit. But, last evening I had some friends over and realized I’d need to find a project for my wheel. While I really wanted to spin something completely new, interesting, and not thought of before, I realized that I had fiber I wanted to make into a 2 ply fingering weight yarn for the stripes of a particular sweater. While I very much want to start the sweater, I cannot, until the handspun portion is done. What better time to work on it? My knitting itself is completely taken over by knitting for Bug, but I could technically have the 2 ply handspun done in time to start a new sweater after Christmas. Works out perfectly.

The fiber is Enchanted Knolls superwash merino. The colorway is Sunshiney Day. I am doing a fractal spin on this one with shorter color changes because the stripes on the anticipated sweater are pretty small and I don’t want 10 stripes of one color and 2 of another. I want it all mixed up.


I got a pretty significant amount done last evening, pretty close to half. It’s spinning up beautifully as Enchanted Knoll fiber always does.

It was convenient to have people over for the spinning reason, but also for the clean up the house reason. After all, with the Great Basement Clean Out, I’ve neglected the rest of the house. But, this forced me to really get things cleaned up and organized around the main part of the house, and that really made me a calmer and more content person. I hope to do a bit more work on the main part of the house tonight in order to work on the basement on Friday. And then it’s just a matter of hauling away the junk! I am so close to being finished there as well.

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