The Christmas Sweater

I decided to knit one Christmas Sweater for Miss Bug this holiday. I chose the Bulle pattern because it’s more like a tunic, which is something she’ll enjoy, and it is designed to be worn with something under it, which seems wise for Miss Bug. The yarn I chose is Brooks Farms Mas Acero. I purchased it in 2008 or 2009 at Stitches Midwest and it’s been in my stash ever since. It’s lovely stuff, and I haven’t been able to figure out what to do with it, since I don’t want it to be gone from my stash.

While I realize that’s just crazy talk, it DOES happen. But, these days it happens far less, because I have yummy handspun in stash, and that takes the edge off getting rid of nice commercial yarns.

I love the little bit of added extra fabric at the back and front of this tunic, making it look so very sweet. It will be fun to put some great buttons on this for added detail, and even better? There’s alternating colored pockets to add. So sweet!  The pattern is translated from french, and some of the terminology is unusual, but since it’s also intuitive, it’s easy to figure out.

I did, however, not read the pattern well enough to figure out where to stop making it garter stitch and join it in the round. By the time I figured that out, it was farther back than I was willing to rip. So, it’s not a bug, it’s a feature. It’ll look great even so.


It’s entirely possible I’ll make different sleeves. I’ve got a kid who gets very odd about her socks and shoes and the feeling of her pants, and I don’t think tighter sleeves on a tunic meant to be worn over something is going to fly with her.

This project is currently residing at work. It’s just boring stockinette at the moment and I have little doll knits to work on at home and keep me interested. I can manage an hour a day 5 days a week, and I am sure it will be done well before Christmas.

How about you? Do you have holiday knitting? If so, how’s it going?

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