The Flaw in the Plan

I am taking a bit of a break from Julie’s clothing. I had a ran out of yarn situation, and I couldn’t bear to keep going once I ripped that pretty little shirt out. So, I decided to work on my gradient vest a bit more.


I am no longer fearful I’ll run out of yarn, so that’s a relief. Both armholes are done, and now it’s just a matter of knitting the second front long enough to match the first front.

And then there’s the seaming. Which is where the flaw in the plan comes in. I failed to realize, as I was knitting along, that once I was done with a gradient piece, I would no longer have the appropriate yarn color to seam the shoulders. I’ve got one shoulder that’s orange toned, and the other shoulder that’s yellow toned, and by the time I am done I’ll be in green tones.

Lesson learned. If you are knitting a gradient garment, save some of the yarn color needed for the seams.

I am not sure what I’ll do about this issue. I’ve got some loop scraps in my bin, I could check them for color. Or, I could just use the green on both shoulders and hope for the best. At least the shoulders will match? I’ve no clue what I’ll do once I am done. But, I won’t make that mistake again, at least there’s that.

6 thoughts on “The Flaw in the Plan

  1. A run-out-of-yarn day for me too! 😦 I’m taking a break after unraveling all of the pieces… I hope you’re able to seam the shoulders without too many problems. You could maybe use a completely different color for both, so it looks like that was part of the plan all along? 😛

    • I suspect that’s what I’ll go with actually. I’ve got some bright green on the far end of the skein, the last of the gradient. If I use that for both shoulders, it will coordinate and draw in the final color. I am sorry to hear about your unraveling and your yarn shortage! It’s the worst!

    • Remind me of this moment tonight. I’ve got loop samples, and I can hand one over for you to try. They spin up a bit differently than your average fiber offering, so a sample would give you some idea of what you are getting into if you decide to splurge on a bump.

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