Small Things

As of right now, it feels like all I am knitting are small things. Just…little bits of business that knit up relatively quickly and provide slight satisfaction of the more immediate gratification type. I have repeatedly tried to get pictures taken and blog posts up, but between having Bug around and not wanting to take pictures of gifts while she’s around, and the seemingly continuous darkness when I am at home, it just hasn’t been favorable.

If you’ve been following along, you may remember that I knit dog booties for Mr. Ink’s old dog. He has trouble walking in the snow, as he’s 17 yrs old. The booties I knit him gave him renewed interest in the outdoors. If you put them on him while he’s inside, he prances around the house all proud. When he’s outside, he plays like a puppy in them. When he comes back inside, and you go to take them off, he sits on them in hopes you’ll leave them on. It’s ridiculously adorable.

However, after repeated use and washing, two of them have developed holes. So, I knit two to replace them. IMG_2600

I threw out the majority of my worsted weight scraps this summer, but I happened to have this Dream in Color Classy left in stash, so he gets some very fine booties this time around.

Mr. Ink will next paint the undersides with puffy paint for traction, as well as puffy paint on the inside of the ribbing so they stay on his legs better. And then he should be all set for this season.

Stay tuned for more Julie accessories and some lovely christmas ornaments. ‘Tis the season!