Not a Funky Grandpa

But still a Grandpa.

I mentioned yesterday that I was spinning for the Funky Grandpa cardigan. But, I also cast on for the Grandpa Cardigan, by my current favorite designer Joji.

I am actually knitting this sweater as a knit along with my long time friend and “pen pal” Umme Yusuf. We’ve decided on a nice slow KAL as we are both busy with various other projects and personal things. However, KALs have been great motivators for us in the past and we’ve produced some lovely items that way. For instance:



There were quite a few more. But, I’ve gotten out of the habit of KALs in general, and I don’t feel that my knitting is very adventurous anymore. However, KALs if the pattern is well agreed upon, really can be quite inspiring.


I began my cardigan earlier this week. After the prerequisite false starts that plague me these days, it went pretty well. The cables are simple, and the construction is interesting. I’ve only gotten about 2 inches done, but I’ll be able to put in a little time with it this weekend.

I am not positive the yarn is the best choice for the pattern. It’s cascade 220 sport, which was listed as a dk weight yarn on the website I purchased from, but I’ll admit it feels a bit light.  If worse comes to worse, I’ll stop knitting and find a more appropriate yarn choice, and then try to catch up again.

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