Begging for another day

Our Saturday was so full. So full! I had exactly 2 hours of downtime that entire day, and that is NOT enough for an introvert like me. I NEED my weekend to recuperate so I can conduct myself like a normal person during the week.

Yesterday was Mr. Ink’s mother’s birthday, and he’d hoped we could get together for that as well. Thankfully for me, she didn’t want to leave the house, so I got a day of not leaving MY house. A blissful day.

And, I spent that day just as you might suspect. I did a bunch of around the house chores, and spent the rest of my time knitting. I worked on the Funky Grandpa cardigan, and got it to the point where the top was done to under the armpits. That sounds like a ton of knitting, and it would be with most other cardigans, but with this particular cardigan, there really isn’t a lot of fabric at the top. The deep V neck prevents that.


I have not really spent a lot of time worrying about what color my stripes will be, but so far, most of them are green toned. In the end, I suspect I’ll have a ton of leftover handspun on this one.

I am also weaving in ends on the stripes as I go. It’s a bit too far to carry the yarn, so there are a ton of ends. Best to get them done now.

I could really have used just one more weekend day with this project!

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